Apr 15, 2012

Dishwasher tip case~

This "tool" by Oxo, is the best thing ever for tips/etc.  It's actually made for baby bottle nipples and the rings that hold them....but it works beautifully for tips, covers, couplers, even tools.  It takes a little patience to put the tips in, but once you do they are secure for the wild ride through the dishwasher cycles.  You can get this marvelous accessory through Amazon here
There is even room for the boo-boo sticks! (although I use different tools for that- as you can see I need a lot!)

DW3 by Bakeskool
DW3, a photo by Bakeskool on Flickr.


  1. Cool! Always looking for an easier way to clean tips! No damage or escaping pieces?

  2. Sorry Janine I never saw your post until just now- no- no damage, no escaping pieces. What I love about this, after using it for a while, is that the tips fit up into the little slots and they don't move until you take them out. So they really get a thorough cleaning, instead of just being tossed around in a basket.


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