Mar 21, 2012

Oreo cake pops

These are so easy to make.

Step One:  Make a chocolate cake. Let cool.  Crumble up into a bowl.
Step Two: Add in about 1 cup of chocolate frosting (I used ganache)
Mix well, refrigerate.
Take out of refrigerator, roll out to about 3/8" thickness.
Cut out circles.

Melt some white chocolate or candy melts.  Since these are not white-white- I added some Americolor Bright White, which made it seize up slightly....which was perfect because it made it much easier to handle and put on the cookie cake pop circle.  Lay a lollipop stick on top, and sandwich another cake pop disc on top and Voila'!  You're done!  I did my best to decorate the pop to look like an Oreo, using my witch hat flower nail (it has a screw like post- or you could just use a screw) to make the edge, and I used a #193 tip to make the other indentations.

There you go, an Oreo cookie Cake Pop.  It's like an inside out cake pop that looks like a cookie. ;) Top THAT, Nabisco!  hehehe


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