Feb 17, 2012

Color Combinations for your viewing pleasure

Color Combinations
Orange: Mix equal parts red and  yellow.
Purple: Mix equal parts red and blue
Black: Mix 3 parts red, 3 parts blue, and 2 parts green.
Aqua: Mix 4 drops blue, 1 part green. Adjust by adding green. If it gets too green, add one drop of blue.
Navy blue: Mix 1 part royal blue with 1 part violet. Add black.
Antique gold: Mix 1 part Golden yellow with a teeny part green
Flesh:   Mix tiny bit of copper into white.  Or, start with a light pink and add a teeny bit of brown
Grey:  Mix a teeny bit  of black into white icing.
Lavender: Mix pink and violet
Mustard: Add a teeny bit of brown to golden yellow
Periwinkle: Mix royal blue and violet
Plum: Use violet with a teeny bit of red
Raspberry:  Mix pink and super red
Rust: Mix orange, red and a teeny bit of brown
Teal: Mix yellow and sky blue
Turquoise: Mix sky blue with a teeny bit of yellow

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