Jan 4, 2012

What I keep my tips in

I got one of those Rubbermaid containers, then a 2 inch thick piece of styrofoam and trimmed it down to the size to fit in the container.  I then covered the styrofoam in a pretty piece of fabric, and cut cardstock into strips and wrote the numbers of the tips I had on them.  I glued them onto the fabric covered styrofoam block, and inserted toothpicks in the center of each little section.  You can stack the tips as high as the container will let you (I have about 6 #2 tips) and put your couplers along the side.  You can also fold up a towel and put it on top before you close it, that way if it gets dropped all the tips won't fall out of their slots.


  1. I really like this idea, thanks for sharing! I saw your comment on facebook (LilaLoa) and came over to say hi! :0) My suggestion for getting people to your blog is to link up to LOTS of link parties.

  2. This looks awesome! So neat and organized! Thanks for sharing at Mrs Foxs Sweet Party :)


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